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  • If you understand why it is important to focus on ‘smart work’ than just ‘hard work’ and want to be the most productive version of yourself, this blog is for you.

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Pallav Kaushish from Pallav.io & Head of Marketing at Inc42 Media

Who Is Pallav Kaushish?

An aspiring polymath who is obsessively passionate about marketing and psychology, to the point that he painstakingly crafts every microscopic detail of the marketing campaigns… because he’s aware that every single word, every user interaction, every tiny detail MATTERS!

Starting out about half a decade ago, he scaled the customer base and revenue of nearly 20 amazing startups from 4 different continents and 9 different countries, by as much as three times in less than a year.

Currently, he is the Head of Marketing at Inc42 Media – a popular, admired & profitable digital media publication in India. He’s helped scale Inc42’s social and email community by 2x in the last year to amass over 781,000 members and a platform reach of more than 10 million people every month. He’s on a mission to 4x the readership by the end of FY 2018.

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The Hustle Story


  • The beginning of the real-life: graduated from school and joined college to study Mechanical engineering because I didn’t have a clue about what to do in life.


  • Registered for an ‘Entrepreneurship’ seminar as an excuse to skip college lectures. The first session by Mr. Milind Priolkar became the life-changing event that introduced me to the business world.
  • Got questionable looks from the college librarian when I checked out with entrepreneurship books from the MBA section rather than ‘Material Strength’ from the Engineering section.
  • Attended the first local startup meetup of Open Coffee Club in Bangalore. Nobody understood what a 20-year-old is doing there.


  • Started volunteering with Headstart Bangalore. Continued that for 16 months which was a wonderful opportunity to meet numerous local entrepreneurs and learn from the smartest ones like Pallav Nadhani, Shoaib Ahmed, among others.
  • Started learning online marketing by reading every relevant blog online. Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin were among the most influential ones who shaped my initial understanding.
  • Started dabbling with a startup idea for the music industry – ‘Plug My DJ’, similar to Musicfellas which came in two years later. Also, looked for a technical co-founder to help build a prototype.


  • Onboarded over 40 local DJs from Bangalore with just the vision and no prototype in hand. Told them it is coming soon.
  • Graduated from college and ultimately discontinued Plug My DJ due to lack of technical capabilities to create a website/app. It was a phenomenal learning experience though.
  • Moved to Delhi and joined Musejam as an intern. Started implementing online marketing theory into practice.
  • My first successful marketing campaign – a Facebook post generating fiery engagement by spending a meager $5. See what I did here.
  • Started working part-time with other early-stage startups to help them set up their marketing systems. Also to learn multiple marketing channels myself. 🙂
  • Finally learnt HTML, CSS, and PHP to not feel technically handicapped anymore.




  • Wrote a research piece on ‘How Gmail’s structured data can change the next wave of email marketing’. Got featured in Hiten Shah’s SaaS weekly newsletter #19. Became the most shared article on this blog.
  • Worked on a side project Griggi with an ambitious goal of building a global WiFi sharing ecosystem. The prototype was made but the team didn’t last.


  • Moved on from Livit and started working with Web Profits. Worked with Alex Cleanthous who is an amazing hustler and a productivity machine.
  • Moved on from Web Profits due to a terrible personal tragedy. Took a sabbatical and moved to Mcleodganj in the lap of Himalayas to regain my peace.
  • In the exploration phase of my sabbatical, I developed a deep interest in psychology. Dived deep into the seminal work of Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky, Richard Thaler, Dan Ariely and many more.
  • Started a part-time gig with I Say Organic to get back in the game and to continue reading about psychology. Also wrote a few pieces on the applications of psychology – YourStory On Hook Model & The Effect & Applications of Mere-Measurement Effect In Society, Politics, and Marketing
  • Got involved in the PUA community of India. Invented and championed the ‘movie superstar’ routine. What started as an experiment after reading ‘The Game’ turned into an invaluable experience of life.


  • It was time to apply the knowledge of psychology in marketing. Joined Inc42 Media as Head of Marketing and grew the readership by 2x in less than a year. On the path to 4x the readership in FY 2018.

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