Pallav Kaushish

Head of Marketing at Inc42 Media

Currently Lives In New Delhi, India

Pallav in mcleodganj with tibetan kids

The Hustle Story


  • Graduated from school and joined college to study Mechanical engineering because I didn’t have a clue on what to do in life.


  • Registered for an ‘Entrepreneurship’ seminar to skip lectures and to ultimately skip the seminar too. The first session by Mr. Milind Priolkar became the life-changing event that introduced me to the business world.
  • Got questionable looks from the librarian when she saw me getting entrepreneurship books from the MBA section rather than ‘Material Strength’ book from the Engineering section.


  • Attended the first local startup meetup of Open Coffee Club in Bangalore. Nobody understood what a 20-year-old is doing there.
  • Started volunteering with Headstart Bangalore. Did that for 16 months and got an opportunity to hear from a lot of smart folks like Pallav Nadhani, Shoaib Ahmed and many other.
  • Started learning online marketing by reading whatever I could get my hands on. Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin being the most influential who shaped my initial learning.
  • Started working on an idea ‘PlugMyDJ’ in the music industry. Also, started looking for a technical partner to build a prototype.


  • Onboarded over 40 local DJs from Bangalore with just the vision and no prototype in hand. Told them it is coming soon.
  • Graduated from college and shut down PlugMyDJ due to lack of technical capabilities to create a website.
  • Moved to Delhi and joined Musejam as an intern. Started implementing online marketing theory into practice.
  • My first win – a successful Facebook campaign by using just $5. See what I did.
  • Started working part-time with other early-stage startups to help them set up their marketing system. Also to learn it deeply myself. 🙂
  • Learnt HTML, CSS, and PHP to not feel handicapped anymore.



  • Learnt Javascript and created the Unofficial Chrome Extension for as a hobby project.
  • Joined Livit & Mailbird (most amazing company I’ve ever worked with) as Growth Marketer. Expanded the user base and revenue for Mailbird by 3x in one and half years.\
  • Worked with 8 other startups on the side.


  • Wrote a research piece on ‘How Gmail’s structured data can change the next wave of email marketing’. Got featured in Hiten Shah’s SaaS weekly newsletter #19. Became the most shared article on this blog.
  • Worked on a side project Griggi with an ambitious goal of building a global WiFi sharing ecosystem. The prototype was made but the team didn’t last.


  • Left Livit and started working with Web Profits. Worked with Alex Cleanthous who is an amazing hustler and a productivity machine.
  • Moved on from Web Profits due to terrible break up with my ex-girlfriend. Took a sabbatical and moved Mcleodganj in the lap of Himalayas and regain my peace.
  • In the exploration phase of my sabbatical, I developed a deep interest in psychology. Dived deep into the seminal work of Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky, Richard Thaler, Dan Ariely and many more.
  • Started working with I Say Organic to get back in the game and to continue reading about psychology. Also wrote two few pieces on the applications of psychology – YourStory On Hook Model & The Effect & Applications of Mere-Measurement Effect In Society, Politics, and Marketing


  • Time to apply the knowledge. Joined Inc42 Media as Head of Marketing and grew the readership by 2x in less than a year. On the path to 4x the readership in the first two quarters of FY 2018.