Unique Marketing Campaign For Events & Conferences, Events Marketing Case Study

[Case Study] A Unique Marketing Campaign For Events & Conferences

Keywords: Event Marketing, Event Marketing Plan, Even Promotion, Event Marketing Strategies. If you’ve ever hosted a 250+ people conference, you know it’s a serious job and takes a massive amount of effort and energy. On top of that, marketing an event is even harder because event marketing has remained unoriginal and uninspiring for far too…

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YourStory on Hook Model

YourStory On Hook Model: A Case Study On Facilitating Habit Formation In Tech Products

Technology is addictive. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have changed habits of millions of people for both better and worse. But many experts will tell you that it’s not technology but psychology that holds the key to human behavior. Technology by itself can’t hook a user, it’s the use of psychological principles that makes technology so addictive.…

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