Unique Marketing Campaign For Events & Conferences, Events Marketing Case Study

[Case Study] A Unique Marketing Campaign For Events & Conferences

Keywords: Event Marketing, Event Marketing Plan, Even Promotion, Event Marketing Strategies. If you’ve ever hosted a 250+ people conference, you know it’s a serious job and takes a massive amount of effort and energy. On top of that, marketing an event is even harder because event marketing has remained unoriginal and uninspiring for far too…

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Find commercial intent keywords for your business

Find Commercial Intent Keywords For Your Business In Under 5 minutes

Finding the right keywords to write SEO-driven content for your business can be daunting and confusing because most marketers trip at the very first step – where to even begin? The simplest way to get started is by focusing on the commercial intent keywords, the keywords that indicate the searchers have money in hand and…

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Underutilised and lesser know SEO Strategy for 2019 for better SEO Rankings

This Under-utilised SEO Strategy Can Make a Big Difference In 2019

Congrats! You made the right decision to spend the next few minutes on this article because if you’re looking to improve your SEO rankings significantly in 2019, this is the place to get started… If you’re a marketer worth your salt, I’m sure you must already be leveraging all the basic SEO fundamentals and now…

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Featured Image of Article - Teardown of MyGov Email

TearDown of MyGov Email By Government of India

Even as we see new channels of communication being invented every day, email is still an important means of communication on this planet and it becomes especially important if it reaches a large audience and has the power to persuade and influence. An email from a trusted authority like your government wields such power. Government…

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AARRR Framework By Pallav Kaushish on pallav.io

AARRR Framework For Every Business

Last year I was invited to the Great Lakes Institute of Management in Chennai to share my experiences with their MBA students to help them in starting a new business. To be honest, I love interacting with young minds for a simple reason – today when everyone is pandering to the instant gratification of millennials…

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YourStory on Hook Model

YourStory On Hook Model: A Case Study On Facilitating Habit Formation In Tech Products

Technology is addictive. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have changed habits of millions of people for both better and worse. But many experts will tell you that it’s not technology but psychology that holds the key to human behavior. Technology by itself can’t hook a user, it’s the use of psychological principles that makes technology so addictive.…

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The mere measurement effect in society, politics & marketing

The Mere-Measurement Effect & Its Applications In Society, Politics and Marketing

Human brain is a complex machine and understanding all the factors contributing to the decision making at any given point is quite tough. However, just by knowing some of the powerful techniques that influences your every day behavior is a step forward in self-awareness. Let’s explore one of these psychological phenomenons called the mere-measurement effect which impacts most areas…

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