Facebook case study - Snooptank

How I got over 22 thousand unique impressions, 130 likes and 30 comments in $5 on Facebook

Screenshot of Facebook poll from analytics

This is a case study of how I achieved 22 thousand unique impressions, 130 likes and 30 comments on Facebook by spending just $5. As we are in early stages and preparing to launch Musejam, we thought to carry out a few experiments on Facebook to know our target market. These experiments were also done to increase activity on our Facebook page and bring in some relevant people from our target market.

We tried running simple ads with our tagline and logo which did bring consistent likes on our page however our user engagement didn’t grow. As we are a music startup a lot of people clicked on our ads just because they like music even though they were not big fans of Indie Music which is our prime market. This led to the stagnated engagement rate even after getting consistent likes on our Facebook page. We ran 4-5 different versions of ads and our Pay Per Click cost was close to 5 cents. This might be satisfying for some people as even our Click Through Rate was close to 1.5% but it was not good enough for us.