YourStory on Hook Model

YourStory On Hook Model: A Case Study On Facilitating Habit Formation In Tech Products

Technology is addictive. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have changed habits of millions of people for both better and worse. But many experts will tell you that it’s not technology but psychology that holds the key to human behavior. Technology by itself can’t hook a user, it’s the use of psychological principles that makes technology so addictive.…

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The mere measurement effect in society, politics & marketing

The Mere-Measurement Effect & Its Applications In Society, Politics and Marketing

Human brain is a complex machine and understanding all the factors contributing to the decision making at any given point is quite tough. However, just by knowing some of the powerful techniques that influences your every day behavior is a step forward in self-awareness. Let’s explore one of these psychological phenomenons called the mere-measurement effect which impacts most areas…

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