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These exact emails helped me increase the open rates by 67% & clickthrough rates by 40% with a major lift in organic responses.

A perfect example of how the storytelling format can significantly boost your email engagement rates.

Take inspiration or downright copy them, I’ll leave that to you.

Author - Pallav Kaushish

Pallav is a full-stack marketer, psychology aficionado, and an aspiring polymath. In the last 6 years, he has worked with 20+ startups from around the world and helped them grow their userbase and revenue by 2x to 3x in less than a year.

In the last year, Pallav has helped drive 6.1 Million unique visitors to his client’s website.

Currently, he is the Head of Marketing at Inc42 Media where he also hosts a Facebook Live Video Show interviewing some of the most successful business leaders from India & around the world.

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Pallav Kaushish from & Head of Marketing at Inc42 Media

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